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Were you blissfully lucky to meet the right person? Are you madly, deeply, crazy in love? Are you ready to say your „I do“s in front of your guests and/or God? Are you already engaged and counting days till the important day? Would you like this important event to be captured and remembered? 

Would you like to find the perfect person whom you can trust to portray all the significant details of your memorable wedding day, pictures of these very happy moments? Do you prefer bright, live romantic photos full of light and style?

If you are looking for the person who will make this happen, blend in perfectly in your party and who for sure will give her utmost to find every little lovely detail, then I am happy to introduce myself – my name is Elena Widmer and I am a Wedding Photographer, living in Switzerland since 2005, based in Zug.

I have been with my camera for quite a while. I studied at Moscow Photography School, attended workshops, seminars and trainings to develop and professionalize my skills. I am learning through books, valuable communication with my dear colleagues and of course I’ve grown more inspired and experienced, thanks to my clients! I work with two cameras – digital Nikon and a film Contax.

I love to capture the moments of life in a natural light and to photograph moods, emotions and lifestyle imagery. I enjoy a stroll in a big city or an empty village, alongside the ocean or in a dark forest. I am inspired by what I see and take pictures at an impulse. But most of all I love to capture the story of your day – with all those unique details and beloved people that make this day so special! Photos that will bring back amazing memories…

Tell me about your plans and drop me a line to discuss the next steps.