Wild & free! Late Summer Bohemian Romance


A forlorn clearing becomes a graceful stage of natural charm. Just for one day. A wedding day. Right here, under the open sky among fading grass, love gathers to indulge in late summer and to tie the knot.

Wedding inspirations in close touch with nature by Farbklang Fotografie, who didn´t need more than a few treasures of mother earth to create a wild yet simple bohemian romance.

A bridal bouquet of wild flowers in light shades reminds us of the tranquility of the approaching fall. It becomes the bride´s natural accessory that complements her plain wedding look in a wild and self-confidant way.

She doesn´t need more but the love in her heart, this wonderful natural setting and late summer elements which are aware of the nostalgic romance of fall.

Her red hair mirrors the colors of wild flowers and her delicate bohemian gown flutters gracefully in the cool wind. Lovely contrasting the rough scenery and giving hope to the barren landscape.

This feels like easiness and timeless levity surrounding trees and wild flowers. She will never forget the mild and sweet taste of pistachio macaroons which she delightfully eats sitting on her fur covered place. Bye-bye late summer!

Translation: Marina Jenewein





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