NastasJa and Simon – Love Trip to Italy


Mown lawn and trimmed hedges. Swept cobblestone paths and a fastidiously groomed estate. The sun is laughing and bathing the garden in warm light while a bright sky with hardly any clouds lets her shine brightly.

It smells like olives and fresh grass, blooming roses and delicious wine. Grande Amore fills the air and we can hear the wing beats of butterflies. It´s the butterflies of Nastasja and Simon.

A romantic getaway to Italy held some surprises for Nastasja ready. This adorable shoot with photographer Katie Grant and event stylist and florist  Simone Gebsattel was only the beginning…

„Nastasia and Simon were vacationing in Italy at the time and little did I know, Simon planned a surprise proposal during the shoot!“ the great photographer revealed the secret.

„We photographed them at the beautiful Villa Le Piazzole right outside of Florence, Italy. Simone Gebsattel perfectly set an intimate and simple dinner table and created a sweet bouquet for the bride to be. In the end, Simon decided to actually propose the day after the shoot when him and Nastasia were alone.“

Too bad, we can only imagine how unique the proposal´s pictures would have been… But now we delight in the memories of a blithe love trip full of especially near moments for the cute couple captured on amazing pictures by  Katie Grant.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Katie Grant Photography
STYLING + FLORALS: Simone Gebsattel
VENUE: Villa Le Piazzole
CALLIGRAPHY: Michaela McBride
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Anastasia – Brandt Friseure
SCHMUCK: Carola Holmer
RIBBON: Stella Wolfe
ASSISTING: Julian Navarette


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