Tuscany´s Golden Light


Like a veil of silence Tuscany´s golden light lies on Artimino, under which a bright orange sun heralds a new day.  

The Villa Medici is surrounded by the fine scent of exotic fruits and ripe olives, sweet figs, delicious wine and freshly picked flowers.  

As an idyllic venue in the solitude of nature it is the property itself, housing some excited bustle and young life in the form of two brides.

The one wild and untamed, the other innocent and pious. They are complementary and unite beguiling seduction with charming charm.  

A fascinating combination, which OctaviaplusKlaus documented on expressive pictures during their trip to Tuscany.  

Back then, however, it was the wedding designers of PomPom your life who turned this exquisite location in the heart of Italy into an incomparable world of stunning motifs.

In addition to the two extravagant wedding dresses, which delight with deep necklines and delicate details, it was probably the floral artwork of Milles Fleurs, that gave every picture the finishing touch.  

For us, OctaviaplusKlaus put together their most beautiful pictures and invite us to review their trip to Tuscany together…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




FOTOGRAFIE: OctaviaplusKlaus
WEDDINGDESIGN: PomPom your life
FLORISTIK: Milles Fleurs
LOCATION: Artimino









  OctaviaplusKlaus                        Siödam



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