SIBO Designs Fine Art Bridal Accessoires


Sparkling crystals twinkle in the light of the sun, clinging softly into her blonde hair. Naturally beautiful and filled with love she floats across the meadows between the olive groves.

Her head covered with finest tulle a veil glides gracefully down her silhouette. Valuable, delicate and feathery it follows her through the alleys, always faithfully by her side.

This is how Sheila of SIBO Designs presents us her new collection where she created not only stunning headpieces but also bridal dresses for the first time. Photographer Darya of Thecablookfotolab followed her to Lake Garda to showcase SIBO Design´s master pieces together.

„For a long time now I loved creating my headpieces and veils. But this year I wanted to create a incredible combination between the headpieces, veils and now dresses.“ the proud designer told us. „It has been a dream for a long time to add dresses to my product line, and I am so proud I was able to make that happen with the new 2016 products!“

I was totally inspired with nature!“ the talented photographer Darya Kamalova told us. „The olive trees of Garda Lake, the endless white stones on the sunset. I could barely breath hoping to capture all the creative portraits that were coming to my mind, I was exploding of inspiration.”

We are totally fascinated by the new SIBO Designs product line and can hardly wait to share Thecablookfotolab’s pictures with you!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein





PHOTOGRAPHY: Thecablookfotolab
FILM LAB: Carmencita Film Lab
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Lidija Malinovkaja
VENUE: Garda Lake, Italy


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