Great Britain, 18th century, the haze of ancient writings fills the air. Valuably they are lined up on the shelf, tell of lords and ladies of bygone days.

A bride of today enters the room – pale, breakable and filigree. Solely a whiff of tulle covers her velvety skin, slightly purple and adorned with lace.

Splendid flowers are her only jewelry, naturally beautiful she doesn´t need anything else. Yet a ring from her lord would perfect her luck.

Inspired by the great author Jane Austen stylist Mariana Talasimova and photographer Lena Eliseeva created these breathtaking impressions.

Hair and make-up even the props were adapted from the 18th century and lovingly implemented for this shoot. Ancient, faded an time-worn on the one side, elegant, glamorous and valuable on the other.

Let’s get carried away in to a bygone era by the fantastic world of pictures shot by the impressive photographer Lena Eliseeva.

Translation: Marina Jenewein

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lena Eliseeva Photo
PLANNER: Mariana Talasimova
DRESSES: Maria Vessna
FLORAL DESIGN: Katerina Eliseeva
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Elen White
CALLIGRAPHY: Irina Klimova
SHIRT + SHAWL: Anastasia Nadezhina
WAISTCOAST: The Golden Branch
MODELS: Alexandra & Ilya



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