Playful Vintagefeeling

There is nothing more romantic than an open-air wedding imbedded among the beauty of pure nature.

The inspiring outdoor world is magical, multicolored, playful and sickly sweet.

It offers a variety of different decoration concepts. Thanks to a widely chart of color range and various styles you get the chance to show creativity and express your individuality.

A great team of wedding-planners implemented some of their ideas into a lovely styled-shoot.

Let’s get inspired by the many adorable details! Don’t this simple wooden table with the white lace-doilies, the rustic decoration-elements, the beautiful paper-work and the opulent floral-decoration fit perfectly into this magnificent springlike landscape?!

Additionally we get seduced by deliciously looking macaroons and a pretty pastel-colored cake.

A smitten bridal-couple puts us into wedding mood and the dreamlike pictures shot by Jasmin of Zuckerlicht heat up our hearts and souls.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



Daniel Wiegärtner hat die bezauberndsten Momente in romantischen bewegten Bilder festgehalten:



FOTOGRAFIE: Zuckerlicht
VIDEOGRAPHIE: Daniel Wiegärtner
PAPETERIE: Anelie Papeterie
BLUMEN: Gabi Eckert von Blumen Merklein
BRAUTPAAR: Marina Kuleschowa und Stephan Neu


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