Blue sky full of inspirations...

Blue sky full of inspirations…   Today we are once again in seventh heaven thanks to these wonderful inspirations… In her Secrets Of A Stylist Workshop Summer Watkins impresses with a fire-work of creativity and turned her fascinating ideas into a variety of details. Remarkable color-combinations in shades of blue and gold as well as… Read more »

The girl and her reflection

The girl and her reflection    “I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams…” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince   There are no words to describe how happy we are to present you Clara Tumas unique pictures… Read more »

Unravel - Valley of my heart

Unravel – Valley of my heart   Today it feels like we are more excited than ever and proud to present you one of the most breathtaking shootings of all times! Thanks to the amazingly talented photographer Clara Tuma who made her beautiful pictures available for us! Pearl and Godiva are some of the worlds… Read more »

Magical out-door wedding

Magical out-door wedding   This inspiring out-door world is full of magic, multicolored, playful and sickly-sweet. Together with a young team Ruth Pekoll of RPhotography realized her long nourished dream of a styled shoot. She turned her many ideas into adorable details and caught them on camera so beautifully. Let’s get inspired! Translation: Marina Jenewein… Read more »

Secret Garden - purple colored wedding-dream

Secret Garden – purple colored wedding-dream   When we first saw these dreamlike pictures shot by Le Hai Linh we were fascinated by their magical expressiveness right away. With a huge sense for beauty the fantastic team created a fabulous look with a mystical dark atmosphere that fascinates the observer. A puristical arranged decoration made… Read more »

Wonderworld of inspirations - part 2

Wonderworld of inspirations – part 2   After showing you the first part of this lovely shooting yesterday we are now more than happy to present you the fantastic second part. It’s a fire-work of inspirations and an exciting journey into a world full of creativity and passion. Together with a great team the photographer… Read more »

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Wonderworld of inspirations

Wonderworld of inspirations   Today we want to take you into a breathtaking wedding world again. Over and over we marvel at commited service-providers who surprise us with a fantastic variety of inspirations and ideas, created with so much talent and passion. Together with a wonderful team the eventdesigner Nancy of Oak & The Owl… Read more »

Pure romance

Pure romance   Wonderfully blooming peach-trees were the romantic scenery for this adorable styled shoot. With many lovely details Esther and Gabe created a fascinating wedding-world. Gorgeous floral decoration in tender shades of pink, beautiful paper-work, an exquisite cake and great vintage-furniture spread a magical charme and let us dive into this amazing outdoor wedding… Read more »

Forest, meadows and love

Forest, meadows and love   Forest, meadows and love – isn’t it a dreamlike theme that Dani and Roland of Linse 2 and Ina of ina la vie picked for their lovely photo-shoot?! Together with a very talented and creative team they created an inspiring out-door world full of magic. Rusitc vintage-styled decoration items, breathtaking… Read more »

Mediterranean poetry   It’s always a pleasure to look at Stephanie Williams’ pieces of art. She is unbelievably talented and her creativity and passion are admirable. This inspiring styled shoot took place among the mediterranean ambience of the Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs. Fascinating details and the rustic charm of this location let our hearts… Read more »

Romantic elegance is playing with our senses

Romantic elegance is playing with our senses   Middleton Place in Charleston is one of the biggest and most important landscape gardens of the United States. Wonderful flowers like camellias, azaleas, magnolias, different roses and many others flourish here all year long. Among this amazing garden a team of the worlds best wedding service providers… Read more »

Golden and black brilliancy   If you want to set shiny accents at your wedding you will find fascinating inspirations in this beautiful and trendy black and gold color-theme. Together with Helena Gutjahr and Daniela Müller as well as a creative and wedding-excited team the potographers OctaviaplusKlaus implemented this idea with a variety of stylish… Read more »

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