Natural aesthetic


He holds her proudly in his arms, she´s the true love of his heart. Touches softly her face, sinks into her big, deep eyes. Whispers oaths of love in her ear to see her pretty smile. Takes lovingly her hand, won´t ever let her go again.

Endows her with gorgeous flowers of his empire, as if her grace could be raised. Adorns her head with beautiful crowns, makes her queen of his heart. She follows him trustfully, exploring her new kingdom.

Their way leads into paradise, to a silent place of togetherness.

The smell of sweet fruits attracts, the sight of fresh berries makes them weak. Temptingly delicious and dangerously beautiful treats are waiting – who will be able to resist?

We are pretty sure even floral designer Rieke Rahlfes of Milles Fleurs and photographer Anja Schneemann and the fantastic team had difficulties leaving these tasty beauties untouched.

But instead of nibbling they all created wonderful impressions to die for to inspire nature-loving yet sophisticated bridal couples.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Anja Schneemann Photography
FLORISTIK: Rieke Rahlfes von Milles Fleurs
TORTEN: Joy von Süßer Glücksmoment
KLEID: „Sunrise” von Elfenkleid
MAKE-UP + HAARE: Kesira von Schöner Augenblick
DEKORATION: Julia und Irka von der Pom-Pom Manufaktur
MODELS: Eileen und Lars





    Anja Schneemann                   Milles Fleurs                                La Chia





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