Modern Hippie Inspirations at Ibiza


The sun shines brightly over the blooming Balearic island, bathing its colorful variety in warm light.

Whether it´s stone to stone, tree to tree or blossom to blossom – whatever grows and lives does it with pure harmony.

Multicolored diversity of species and pictorial serenity of the 70´s revive the property of Casa La Vista at Ibiza and radiate with a modern hippie culture.

A bride with a white turban and black ankle boots, oriental flatware and ripe pomegranates – this shooting by Isla & Smith Wedding Planning showcases combinations of colors and shapes that we have rarely seen before.

This Spanish island is known for its casual lifestyle and welcomes individualists from all over the world. Where else if not right here would gorgeous impressions like those bring about a bigger effect?!

We´re totally in love with the varied pictures shot by the great photographer Ana Lui Photography.

Text: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Ana Lui Photography
PRODUCTION: Lisa – Isla & Smith Wedding Planning
LOCATION: Private Villa called Casa La Vista in IBIZA
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Diva Borrelli
FLOWERS: El Ramo De Flores
SILK WHITE DRESS: Victoria – Galeria Elefante
JEWELLERY: Vintage pieces from Galeria Elefante including aquamarine garden ring made by Victoria
AFRICAN JACKET + SHOES: Galeria Elefante Ibiza
MODEL: Frederika

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