Modern Classicism & Picturesque Love


Allowing their thoughts full bent, being among themselves, listening to each others hearts and feeling close to heaven together. Love has everything at its feet.

Among a rustic village an elegant bride approaches us like a mirage between ancient architecture and lushly blooming bushes.

A classic wedding inspiration with the refinement of modernity, pictorially showcased by Tamara Gigola and for their workshop with photographer  Anna Zeiter. Everything´s delicate, lovingly and graceful.

With her stunning bridal gown by Cathy Telle and a dramatic veil the beguiling bride proofs impressively how pure sensuality becomes the center of a romantic scenery. Smooth and plain materials result in refined simplicity of an A-line artwork that focusses on the essentials: the bride´s natural beauty.

As well as majestic flower arrangements underlining the vision of a bride appearing like the Blessed Virgin Mary from a religious painting. Classic, stylish and everything but outmoded. This bridal look indwells the magic of bygone romance.

With her groom she takes the slender stone stairs uphill to gaze into their far future together, to inhale the sweet scent of vibrant blossoms and turn them into eternal memories.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Anna Zeiter Photography
WORKSHOP: Tamara Gigola
ORGANIZATION: & marinielle
CONCEPT: & marinielle
DRESS: Cathy Telle
FLORALS: Anna Baraldi
VEIL: Holy Veil 
STYLE: Cathy Telle
MODELS: Marina & Vitaly 
LOCATION: Saint-Saphorin (Schweiz)


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