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All lovers dream of it: Finding this very special ring to create a symbol for this very special emotion. This dreaMRing to accompany them through their life together.

Goldsmith Michaela Römer is the one, how knows all about this. Since over 21 years, she is an integral part in the world of fine jewellery handcraft. So many couples throughout the world love her professional work and literally carry her talent with them… every day.

So many real men say, that this very special engagement ring – made by Michaela’s hands – gave them a big extra portion of confidence, that they would receive the right answer to this ONE question…

But still… there was one piece missing in Michaela’s puzzle… after so many years creating designs, and individual jewels… lending precious pieces to so many styled shoots… the deep wish to create her very own jewellery focused shooting grew more and more.

And finally, Michaela Römer decided that NOW would the right time to just do it.

With this tangible goal, she started to create a new style, shared ideas with and obtained some from good friends… and here it was: The plan for „MoRe golden things“

Today, I am thrilled to show you some of the results of much preparation and one perfect day in Paris with a perfect team and the fantastic photographer Greg Finck.


WEDDING GOWN: Rime Arodaky
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Trine Juel Lindblad
CALLIGRAPHY: Natalia Ried, milia ink
MODEL: Alizée Bonnet 









Michaela Römer


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