Magical berry-boned autumn-shoot


Isabella Karnell is a dedicated florist. Recently she put all her passion into a breathtaking autumnal shooting decorated in wonderful berry-tones.

More and more couples decide to get married at this atmospheric time of the year which offers such a wide variety of options.

With an ocean of typical autum flowers like hydrangea, ling, single trees, asters, dahlias, rose hips and roses Isabella arranged an opulently decorated table of wonderfully rich coloring.

Furthermore she adorned a branch with a crystal luster and hung it over a rustic wooden table full of dreamlike flower arrangements. We especially like the cute heart formed of lings which she put on the back of a chair.

She combined elegant chairs with simply colored wooden chairs to create a colorful atmosphere with a little bit of vintage.

With his fantastic pictures Henry Welisch lets us now dive into this amazing world of inspirations created by Isabella Karnell – Blumen Isabella.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



DESIGN UND FLORISTIK: Isabella Karnell von Blumen Isabella
FOTOGRAFIE: Henry Welisch
KLEID: Renate Schein von Doren Design


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