Lucia di Lammermoor -UNREALIZED LOVE


For a long time no one stepped onto these stairs any more or walked along this path.

Nature stayed untouched and peaceable, to unfold its beauty. Soft moss adorns barren stones, fern flutters in the wind, ivy climbs up the walls.

Like if she escaped from her tower room to get away from a forced marriage she straggles aimlessly through the garden. Sadly, desperately and lost in thoughts she already gave her heart to someone else.

Hopingly, prayingly, pleadingly she waits for his sign of life, to bring back love and luck into her life. Yet he remains missing, leaves her heart broken and cold.

Inspired by the Italian opera Lucia di Lammermoor that deals with unfulfilled love with a dramatic ending the incomparable photographer Dorelies Hofer showcases her own interpretation of this love story.

Let´s get carried away into Lucia´s hopeless world of wild nature and a whiff of melancholy.

Translation: Marina Jenewein





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