Le Songe – Love on Parisian rooftops


The city of love is at her feet, her view of the Eiffel Tower is almost undisturbed. Come with us to Paris and see how a bride´s dream becomes reality.

Free as a bird she moves over the rooftops of the city, feels the wind blowing through the delicate top of her dress from Rime Arodaky . Only a few centimeters seem to separate her from seventh heaven.  

She closes her eyes to get even closer to the sky, to see her dream even better. Up here the pulsating metropolis becomes an inconspicuous and lonely place of silence.

The lovely perfume of an opulent bridal bouquet by Lily Paloma brings her back into the present, where she soon will walk along an aisle as a bride.  

Plain stationery with elaborate calligraphy of Shasta Bell reveals some details of this beautiful bride´s dream.

However, in fact it seems to be the dream of photographer Alain M., who put this idea into action with this magical styled shoot. „I came up with this shoot idea called “Le songe”, which occurred on Paris’ rooftops. The goal was to bring to light the dreamy, creative, charismatic yet sensual and Latin Parisian woman.“ photographer Alain explains.  

In search for the perfect location for this shoot he also showed that it’s worth it to fight for a dream. „The shoot happened on Paris’ actual rooftop, which has forbidden access but becomes accessible with an adventurous team!“

We are sure that he would not have found as incredible motifs anywhere else to realize his dream of a shoot like he did here, on this very Parisian rooftop.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHER: Alain M. Photography
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab




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