Lavender – Flavour Of Love


Well-known smell of lavender fills the air… Way before the eyes catch its sight it already reached the nose. What a fascinating view this purple ocean of blossoms! One wants to dive into it, fill its flavor into bags and remember this moment for ever…

Purest white lets its tender tone shine brightly, light pink and fresh green sunbathe in its glance. Perfectly in form flower arrangements, ancient accessories and most valuable sweets appreciate its presence, together they unfold their entire beauty.

As an Irish symbol for love and the everlasting bond between two people lavender is predestinated to run like a purple thread through your wedding day.

In her breathtaking and sparkling robe the bride appears admirable, flawless and timeless. Exclusive jewelry, subtle make-up and her slightly pinned-up hair spread grace, glory and preciousness.

Pedantically, high-class and extravagant – bridal dresses designed by the Australian designer Anna Campbell are unique pieces of art elaborately hand-made of choicest materials.
Light influencees of vintage and romance mirror in cuts, fabrics and applications, silk, lace and tulle softly snuggle up to every bride.

It´s simply fascinating what the team of The Wedding Playbook and designer Anna Campbell aroused here: stylish and upmarket wedding inspirations for romantic brides with love for nature and vintage elements.

The wonderful photographer Grace Petrou from Agent86 Photography captured these special impressions on her camera and shows us now her stunning world of pictures, lovingly for us arranged!

Translation: Marina Jenewein



CONCEPT + COORDINATON: The Wedding Playbook and Anna Campbell
PHOTOGRAPHER: Agent86 Photography
FILM: Purple Ribbon Weddings
GOWNS: Anna Campbell
STYLING: Oh Perfect Day
JEWELLERY: Samantha Wills
HAIR: Momu Hair
MAKE-UP: Melonie Santons
FLOWERS: Cecilia Fox
LOCATION: Sault Restaurant, Daylesford, VIC
MODEL: Mary Vitinaros, Giant Management





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