Idyllic Cottage Atmosphere at River Oaks


Embedded into nature´s idyll and hidden behind century old trees we discover a bemused little house from a bygone era.

Sparse yet full of charm, chilly yet sun-drenched it is the calm anchor of a bride loving silence and lonely moments.

Her dress “Ivy” by Saint Isabel Bridal fits like a second skin swirling around some spots of naked skin.

Finest tulle and floating fabrics in tender shades of grey tell of reserved elegance and unmistakable uniqueness.

Photographer  Kelly Sauer  discovered this idyllically situated and myth-enshrouded place at River Oaks Charleston and got inspired to these adorable pictures.

See for yourselves what  Kelly Sauer  created and let her take you onto a very special journey…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Exquisitrie by Kelly Sauer
VENUE: River Oaks Charleston
GOWN: Ivy, by Saint Isabel Bridal
MODEL: Sophie Belhassen, Tout Models
SET ASSISTANT: Melissa Belhassen



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