Graceful Snowqueen


Flawless purity. Ideal easiness. Brilliant elegance. Perfect in form beauty.

A wonderful sizzling noise fills the air. Is it the glimmering candles? The tiny snow crystals gliding softly to the ground? Or is it the glamorous dress huddling against the brides body with every move?

It´s the aura of a queen and her graceful appearance. An atmosphere underlined by perfection, richness of details and authenticity.

We´re fascinated by the icecold yet passionate world created by wedding planner Olga Fischer, a fantastic team and the photographers Christina & Eduard Photography: breathtaking stylings, an unbelievably beautiful sweet table with twinkling glass elments, sparkling highlights and a dreamlike scenery that only a queen deserves.

Even if we speed winter on its way we let him return into our hearts for a moment with these unique pictures shot by Christina & Eduard Photography

Translation: Marina Jenewein


FOTOGRAFIE: Christina & Eduard Photography
TORTE + SWEET TABLE: Dimitri Eckert – masterclass-cake
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Larisa Mahalova
LOCATION: Villa Rothschild Kempinski
PAPETERIE: Lauterfarben, Simmern/Hunsrück
MODEL: Vanessa Stanat



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