Steep, rough and impassable rocks rise up to the sky, symbolizing an imposing bond between two worlds. One of them murky and quiet, the other boisterous and bright.

What links them is the massive rocks and their wealth of treasures. Treasures like prospering life, multifaceted beauty and endless width.

Driven by curiosity and desire an ocean bride finds her way to shore. Brave and full of hope she explores piece by piece of this unconquerably appearing mountain.

Her confidence gets rewarded by a breathtaking view and sweet delicacies. This is where she feels free, sending her sorrows and dreams away with the wind.

What a captivating natural setting that photographer Malvina Frolova chose for her recent bridal shoot! On the peninsula of Crimea, she gave room for development to her visions and captured them on wonderful images.

Besides these fascinating pictures the talented artist took also care of the stunning calligraphy on the stationery. With soft shades of blue mirroring the nativity of our bride, the ocean, a fancy crown of shimmering pearls and shiny leaves, an opulent bridal bouquet and a delicate gown by Blue Bells Malvina Frolova’s imaginations took shape which introduce us to her home, a magical place between Ukraine and Russia…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Malvina Frolova
BRIDAL GOWN: Bluebells
FLORAL DESIGN: dvepchelki
MAKE-UP: Marina Malashcinskaia
CALLIGRAPHY: Malvina Frolova
SILK RIBBONS: Silky Rivers
VINTAGE TABLEWARE: Vechniy Kollektsioner
FILM LAB: Lighthouse Filmlab


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