Graceful Boudoir-Sisters


Graceful and desirable she lies on the bed pouring on her female charm. An alluring smile flashes over her face. A little bit of fabric covers her flawless body.

Her big eyes are appealing – we can hardly look away. Beguiling lace, sexy lingerie and a satin dressing gown were chosen to flatter her figure.

Self-confidently she gets ready to step in front of her guests as beautiful bride. Her sister is her confederate, brings color and verve into the scene.

Together they coquet and pose in front of the mirror, a lovingly duel of belles arouses.

Tempting lingerie and beautiful accessoires turn unique women into irresistible goddesses.

Photographer Karolina Horner from Kalinkaphoto and designer Jessica Lopez from Verhutung know about that effect and how to draw most attention to it.

Here they present us a selection of fascinating pictures from their corporate boudoir shooting. Watch out, it’s getting hot in here…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOS: Karolina Horner – Kalinkaphoto
IDEE: Jessica Lopez – Verhutung
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Liz Patek
MODELS: Raffaela und Samantha – Body and Soul



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