Gossypium – The Cotton Fields Of Stony Creek


An ocean of little white clouds, smooth and weightless. Softly blowing in the wind, warmly glowing in the sun. One wants to sink into it, nestle up and feel secure. Is this seventh heaven?

Tender and feathery slim ribbons huddle around plain stationery, delicate lace around sensual bodies, shiny satin around subtle vases and golden pearls through teasingly red hair.

Stony Creek in Virginia, USA, is famous for its variety of cotten fields. For Michael and Carina Photography the perfect location to hold an incomparable workshop which Sally Pinera didn´t want to miss.

She told: „Something delicate, something soft, something elegant – that was what we had in mind when approaching this workshop. The cotton field was a dream. The shoot occurred during golden hour to ensure soft glowing light would be prominent. Easy hair and barely there makeup heightened our brides beauty as she glowed in the sun, surrounded by soft cottons. I was inspired by the soft whisp of her hair, the fabric’s draping and color against the sun, the windswept ribbons, the cotton ever so still against the blazing sun.”

It must have been a magical atmosphere that came up that day. The amazing world of pictures shot by Sally Pinera say more than 1000 words and we can hardly wait to dive into with you…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



WORKSHOP: Michael and Carina Photography
FLORALS: White Magnolia Designs
CALLIGRAPHY: Written Word Calligraphy
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Dana Ainsworth & Emily Tucker for Lora Kelley
RIBBONS: Silk & Willow
VENUE: The Lewis Dream Home
MODEL: Stephanie Knight





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