Noble, gleaming, copper


From all around warm light flows through the huge bright room, causing something precious to shine in every corner.

Briliant, valuable, elegant it isn´t gold that shines so bright. Copper in countless facets are the central here today.

Among a dreamlike location that combines classic with modernism like no other photographer Susanne Wysocki realized her imagination of an elegant copper-wedding where she combined classic and current trends.

With eventdesigner Verena Sophia Bauer and florist Julia of Ivy & Olive on her side she created adorable and glossy wedding inspirations on the pulse of the time.

The team combined smooth copper elements of the table decoration with lushly green succulents which also were part of the amazing stationery.

Their artful calligraphy, the nobly gleaming cultery and subtile bridal jewelry show impressively how much love and passion the three creative heads must have put into this shoot .

Even the bridal gown and the wedding cake sparkled true to the motto and rounded out the overall picture.

Now enjoy these fantastic pictures shot by Susanne Wysocki and let her take you into a glamorous world of copper…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


Styleshoot // Glitter & Gold from lilafilm   FOTOGRAFIE: Susanne Wysocki DEKORATION: Verena Sophia Bauer BLUMEN: Julia Kaufmann – Ivy & Olive KLEID: Truvelle via Victoria Rüsche HAARE + MAKE-UP: Carina Musitowski ANZÜGE: Monsieur Agnes + Tiger of Sweden PAPETERIE: Nicnillas Ink RINGE: Skusa SCHMUCK: Jewelberry TORTE: Kaiserlich und Königlich MACCARONS: Principessa’s LOCATION: Alte Spinnerei VIDEO: Lila Film MODELS: Whitney + Andreas – ps-models   EMPFOHLEN IN UNSEREM SCHATZKISTCHEN:

Susanne Wysocki                              Victoria Rüsche                           Carina Musitowski  

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