Feather and Rocks


His brown curly hair peeks from beneath his hat, while his hands rest casually in his pockets. He blinks into the sun, left his sorrows far back down in the valley.

He brought his bride the roof of the world, to discover craggy mountains and to enjoy moments of togetherness. Innocent and carefree they look far into the endless width beyond water and cliffs.

Modern Bohemian-inspirations await us on the pictures by  Chris & Ruth Photography. Delicate feathers meet harsh rocks as casual looks meet a beguiling décolleté.

Hairbands and bracelets perfectly complement her adorable bridal look and highlight the tenderness and finesse of her “Juliette Gown” by  Rue de Seine. Her natural accessory: a wildly appearing bridal bouquet by  La Maision des Fleurs.

Isn´t it amazing how easily Chris & Ruth Photography captured this magical atmosphere at this enigmatic place? Their pictures just invite us to dream away the day…

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY: Chris & Ruth Photography
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Gelinsacvemakyaj
DRESS: „Juliette Gown“ Rue de Seine via Hey Love München
BOUQUET: La Maision des Fleurs



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