Fascination in Ocean-Colors


Emerald green: simple yet noble. Ferns: unspectacular yet innovative. Peacock eyes: often seen yet fascinating.

The bride appears unique and unusual. But naturally beautiful! Her groom: Robinson Crusoe. But elegant!

It is something extraordinary that happened on Trayas Beach.

Dark colors set the tone, everything seems to melt almost impalpably into the environment: vases, furniture and dresses pick up shades of blue, green and ocher and mirror cliffs, water and even light. Luscious, bright colors like orange, turquoise and gold set highlights and fit harmonically into the overall picture.

It’s a warming, comforting atmosphere that photographer Ingrid Lepan and her team created. In her incomparable way she caught one-of-a-kind impressions on camera for bridal couples looking for ideas to celebrate an individual and unforgettable wedding.

Now get inspired by the amazing pictures shot by Ingrid Lepan and let them encourage you to realize even uncommon visions!

Translation: Marina Jenewein




DECORATION + FLOWERS : D’amour et de déco
CALLIGRAPHIE : nice plume calligraphies
CATERING : Zouzou cakes
MAKE-UP: Les ciseaux de Marie
DRESS : Mango
MEN’S WEAR: chris von martial
VIDEO: TV Filmmaker
STYLING: projet 201




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