Fascinating Inspirations On Majorca

Today is one of these days we love our job more than ever. We are honored to take you to a paradise full of breathtaking wedding inspirations.

Julia Winkler, Frau Herz, Laura Elena, Marina Scholze und Vanessa Hannuschka are five young, creative photographers who recently spent their vacation together on Majorca.

On a wonderful finca they spent some time laughing and exchanging ideas – soon they knew: all five were of one mind.

To support each other better in the future they initiated their project “Marvellous Gold” – this name says it all since these five beautiful girls are all blond!

Of course there had to be an extraordinary Styled Shoot, too. Together with Doreen Winking and an unbelievably impressive team they created theses gorgeous inspirations.

There´s so much to discover and we can see their love and passion for what they do within every little detail. Sonja Bührke designed some adorable laser cut stationery. Isn´t it cute with the blue fish, corals, sea horses and squids on it? And did you see the menu cards designed like heaven and hell? We honestly bow to so much creativity.

An amazing sweet table arranged by Andrea Streitwieser invites us to nibble and once again we are deeply impressed by Michaela Römer and her artfully designed rings.

The happy bridal couple enjoys the Majorcan air, the island´s unique nature and the stunning view. Could their start into marriage be more special?

We´re trying to outshine the sun and enjoy these heavenly pictures shot by Marvellous GoldJulia Winkler, Frau Herz, Laura ElenaMarina Scholze und Vanessa Hannuschka.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



 Mit den herrlichen bewegten Bilder von Marco Dück Films könnt ihr in die wunderschöne Stimmung dieses Shootings eintauchen:


FOTOGRAFIE: Marvellous GoldJulia Winkler, Frau Herz, Laura Elena, Marina Scholze und Vanessa Hannuschka
STYLING: Anna Deittert
PAPETERIE: Die Exklusiven Einladungskarten
SWEET TABLE: Andrea Streitwieser – Cake Couture
FLORISTIK: Flores Mallorca
RINGE: Michaela Römer
BRIDALROBE: Sina Fischer Design
TRAUZEUGENKLEID: Schwesterherz Bamberg
DEKO: Reichle Deco
SCHMUCK: Oh So Pretty
VIDEOGRAF: Marco Dück Films



     Doreen Winking          Die Exkl. Einladungskarten       Michaela Römer                    Cake Couture


   Marco Dück Films                         Kisui




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