Earthy Bohemian


Evenly, almost hypnotizing the creek streams along its predetermined way, conform to its destiny and mother nature. Turning its surroundings into an idyllic and harmonic place for a traditional ceremony.

At its bank a bride is seeking serenity and energy, for the day she takes over control of fate. She´s got things straightened out with herself and feels linked to this beautiful place on earth, summoning up power and clarity from valuable greens.

Here photographer Sandra Socha shares some bohemian inspirations with a difference with us. Excitedly she told us: “Fascinated by the book “The New Bohemians” I created a wonderful little inspiration shoot called “Earthy Bohemian.” I focused on valuable Matcha powder from Japan. In a moment of tranquility full of silence and awareness the bride celebrated a little Matcha ceremony under the open sky. Barefooted and totally relaxed she walked through grass and water – all free and alive!”

A delicate bridal dress by Asos Collection gave the bride a carefree, summerly look perfectly complemented by a wildly appearing bridal bouquet. Combined with turquoise, blue and pink colored details the talented photographer turned this inconsiderable place at the stream into an oasis of relaxation and inspiration.

Come with us and enjoy a cup of Matchatea while gurgling water carries us into the soothing world of pictures shot by Sandra Socha



KONZEPT + FOTOGRAFIE: Sandra Socha Fotografie
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Styling Daniela
MATCHA: Kissatea
SCHMUCK: Flohmärkte



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