Dutch Dunes BRIDAL Boudoir


Gentle wind strokes peachy soft skin. Reserved and not too rough, to avoid putting her fragility to the test.

Finest sand tickles her toes, massaging her feet with every step. Naked in her birthday suit she feels that she´s alive with every breath she takes.

Delicate lace is all that covers her beauty, revealing some secrets and keeping others private. She´s a fabulous being inseparable with nature yet born to find her luck as bride.

What a breathtaking location for tempting boudoir pictures like those shot by the great photographer Amanda Drost!

In cooperation with designer Sheila of Sibo Designs she turned this lonely place among the Dutch Dunes into a subtle sparkling kingdom of lace and gold to highlight the bride and her appealing lingerie.

Let´s get becharmed by these adorable head pieces by Sibo Designs and let photographer Amanda Drost inspire you with her irresistible pictures.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHY:  Amanda Drost Fine Art Photography
FLORALS: Puravie
HAIR: Lonneke van Dijk – Fashion Hairstylist
MAKE-UP:  Netanya Nails & Visagie
LOCATION: Dunes in Zandvoort
MODEL: Anouk Hazen




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