Dreamlike inspirations among the elfish forest

With this gorgeous firework of inspirations Stefanie Rausch from Mademoiselle Fée takes us to a magical place of elfes and fays and we are able to catch a glimpse of this usually hidden world of filigree beings.

Soft candle light and adorable details turned this hidden forest glade into the center of the connecting hearts and souls of Fay Liloé and elf Finleón.

Together with a very creative and talented team Stefanie arranged so many adorable details to bring an enchanted fantasy-world to live and makes us feel like we were a part of this mysterious ceremony.

The golden daring swung handwriting on the beautiful paper-work connected with the accented plain letters on the invitation and drew a bow to the menu which seemed to float within the simple frames full of ivy. Only topped by the name tags which were leaned on real leaves.

Fresh flowers and grasses in little jars accented the beauty of nature, the sweet table on a stump full of moss and the feathery bird´s nests for the jewelry let our hearts skip a beat.

Fine vintage china with golden accents on an artless wooden table stood in lovely contrast to the leafage and the simplicity of nature.

Yet the absolute highlight was the unique bridal dress designed by Michél Meyer. It underlined the bride´s fairylike grace and accented her breakable appearance. Another exciting detail was the painting on her hand – just like a tiny flower it looped around her fingers and brought out the ring even better.

The perfectly rehearsed photographers Roland and Daniela from Linse 2 caught this mystic atmosphere for us on camera and created a fascinating world of pictures which makes us dream away the day…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PAPETERIE: Project-Pinpoint
VINTAGE PORZELLAN: Die Kaffeeschwestern
MAKE-UP + HAARE: Gilbird
EHERINGE + OHRRINGE: Elisabeth Krainer Atelier für Schmuck
BRAUTKLEID: Michėl Mayer
MODELS: Michaela und Gottfried von MagicModels
LOCATION: Wiener Wald, Eichgraben




             Linse 2                            Project-Pinpoint                   KUCHENmit Stil               Die Kaffeeschwestern                




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