Dreamland South Africa

South Africa – untouched, exceptional and pure. A country full of contrasts and fascination.

Abundant rain lets life bloom, unforgiving drought puts flora and fauna to the test.

Thick bush is the home of wild animals while the open sea keeps its secrets private. Very rarely they are washed ashore to find their place between soft sand and barren rocks.

Warm rays of sunlight bathe the land in golden light before a sparkling ocean of stars welcomes the dark night.

Extreme contrasts like those make South Africa as fascinating and worth seeing as it is.

Photographer Franziska Molina and florist Gisela Spielvogel-Kath felt this magical attraction of Cape Town, too, and realized their visions of a natural shoot among this multifaceted environment.

Domestic blossoms, trees and foliage, washed up driftwood, swooshing waves, finest sand and breathtaking light – Franziska and Gisela didn´t have to search long for their requisites. Every single one of their chosen locations awaited them with unique and natural decoration that got arranged within seconds by them perfectly.

Enjoy with us the amazing pictures shot by the exceptional artist Franziska Molina who shows us impressively how various this capital of South Africa represents itself.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Franziska Molina
BLUMENDESIGN: Gisela Spielvogel-Kath – Die Kathe
KLEID: Lee von Kisui
MODEL: Amber von Topco Models



           Kisui Berlin




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