Caught up in the moment


Reed is silenty blowing in the soft wind. Dry and brown it forms an island, waiting to blossom back to life again.

Carefully the lake cuts its way to the shore – washing lovingly around the perfectly shaped stones of the shore.

As if out of nowhere the bride appears, wandering around aimlessly. Where does she come from? What is she looking for? Who is she waiting for?

Expectantly she looks into the distance, hungers for her lover to arrive. A lovingly laid wooden box invites to dine. What treasure is it hiding?

Together with a fantastic team photographer Elena Azzalini realized her visions of a waiting bride full of desire and love at the beach of Podersdorf and eternalized them on impressive pictures.

Here she takes a look at some of her glossy images of art with us.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



DECORATION, FLOWERS AND PROPS STYLING: Event Austria-Unforgettable Moments Vienna, Natali Denegina
VENUE: Private beach of the kitesurfing school, Podersdorf am Neusiedlersee
MODEL: Laura Hartig Girardoni 



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