Bohemian FEELING


A soft breeze blows gently through the archs of an old building, lovingly stroking her hair. Revealing the glory and elegance of a bride and her flowers.

Unconcerned and care-free like the breeze carrys her the girl floats along the walls right into her luck.

Her tender body is wrapped in white tulle, feathery and beautiful. Embroidered with filligree pearls the dress continues the glamour that started on her head. Sparkling, glittering and elegant valuable jewelry adorns her pinned up hair.

Opulent and equally glamurous a bridal bouquet sways in the arms of the bride. Lush green and purest white join becoming an artistic synthesis in her hand. Olive trees rich in fruits spread Mediterranean flair, lanterns on the walls a touch of boheme.

This shooting mirrors the Bohemian´s easigoing sense of life and invites us to dream.

With these stunning pictures stylist Tahnee Sanders, photographer Vasia and Therese from Vasia Photography and Artiese Studios together with a fantastic team show impressively how important special details like amazing flowers or unique jewelry on a bride can be.

Wanna dream? Then dive with us into the beguiling world of pictures shot by Vasia Photography and Artiese Studios.

Translation: Marina Jenewein

PHOTOGRAPHY: Vasia Photography & Artiese Studios
WORKSHOP: Boheme Workshops
VENUE: Costa Navarino
GOWN: Alexandra Grecco
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Frantzeska Koukoula
HEADPIECE: Jannie Baltzer
FLORALES: Celsia Floral
RIBBON: Stella Wolfe
FILM LAB: Richard Photo Lab
MODEL: Marina from New Model Athens



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