Frankfurt´s Korean garden – spacious, green and full of Asian secrets – inspired photographer Angelika Krinke to this gorgeous shooting.

Water gurgles down the pretty fountain while little Buddha statues and exotic Japanese maple let our souls get some peace.

A graceful Asian bride ascertains the garden, curious and youthfully innocent. She listens to the singing birds and gets ensnared by the garden´s charm.

In her hands she holds a lush peony in bright shades of peach and inhales its scent. Dreamy she closes her eyes to dip into the future with her sweetheart.

We are deeply impressed how Angelika Krinke succeeded in capturing this intimate atmosphere on such magical pictures!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


FOTOGRAFIE: Angelika Krinke
MODEL: Linh Tse



     Angelika Krinke



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