About The Important Things In A Bride´s Life


A golden crown beautifies her pretty head, preciously decorated and artfully formed. Holding her floor-length veil: a feathery whiff of nothing. Turns her into a fabulous creature, Madonna-like and elfishly.

In her hands she holds valuable mail, inviting to her feast of love. Line by line, sheet by sheet letters merge stylishly, elegantly written with noble ink. Testifying great importance, no one should miss this wedding…

What a wonderful combination of adorable details which sometimes sink into oblivion.

Headpiece-designer Tatiana of Beretkah and calligrapher Nicole Sprekelmann show what a huge impact an individual headdress and exclusive calligraphy can have on your wedding.

Photographed by the great artist Katja Scherle of Festtagsfotografin we easily get a feeling for the really important things in a bride´s life: her personal style and individual design. Let the three ladies inspire you…

Translation: Marina Jenewein



PHOTOGRAPHER: Katja Scherle – Festtagsfotografien
CALLIGRAPHY: Nicole Sprekelmann
DRESS: Joyce Young
HAIR + MAKE-UP: Esteem Makeover
MODEL: Marilla



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