Sofia and Josh – Dreamlike Elopement


We love exceptional stories and couples who are not afraid to try something new. With their adorable elopement in Indonesia the gorgeous couple Sofia and Josh showed that the results of „trying something new” can also lead into a romantic dream-wedding.

Photographer Julia Winkler joined them at their very private wedding ceremony and eternalized the most beautiful moments on amazing pictures.

Sofia and Josh are a very likable couple from California and wanted to foreground their true love and deep affection for each other on their big day. So they decided to get married all alone without any guests among the dreamlike ambience of the Gili Islands.

Sunny moments at the beach and the ocean as well as a soft sea-breeze and beautiful blossoms in Sofias hair and on the way to the altar turned into unforgetable memories.

After their ceremony they headed barefooted and in casual clothes down to the beach to shoot some great pictures with Julia Winkler. We especially loved the big swing and the magical atmosphere during sundown.

In the end our newly-weds enjoyed their delicious canle-light-dinner and clinked glasses to their special day of togetherness.

Julia Winkler Photography is a talented photographer who knows exactly how to capture big emotions and unique moments on camera and turned them into a fascinating world of pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



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