Sandra & Nicolas’ modern vintage fairy tale


Romantic nostalgia, summerly fantasy and a little bit of history – these were the ingredients for a gorgeous vintage styled summer wedding like the one of Sandra and Nicolas.

Isn´t it beautiful how fairytale-like the vivid pastel colors harmonize with the lush green of nature in the gleaming sunlight? In contrast the grey walls of Schloss Altenhof in Upper Austria which the bridal couple turned into an original venue of their love. Wild field flowers in copper vases, slate details and the romantic spell of a pictorial bride.

Visually stunning captured on camera by photographer Katina Fridrik.

Gracefully and silently she strides through the ancient inner yard of the castle wearing a loosely falling bridal gown by Elfenkleid representing restrained elegance.

Passing vivid and freshly picked blossoms we find again within her floral wreath stabilizing her sensual curls in a natural way. This is where she finds joy and anticipation – for her groom and their mutual future.

A gentle smile plays around the corners of her mouth giving her eyes an unforgettable glance. Hand in hand they approach the castle chapel followed by their first steps into marriage afterwards on their wedding bicycles on the lordly castle grounds. And yes, this feels good.

Welcome to a modern midsummer dream!

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Katina Fridrik
LOCATION: Schloss Altenhof
KLEID: Elfenkleid
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Powderpuff, Linz
CATERING + TORTE: Caseli, Linz









       Katina Fridrik

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