Ruan and Zanelle – A South African Dream Comes True


Whenever a groom cries for joy and his bride gleams with pleasure you can feel there´s love in the air.

Like on those heart-capturing pictures by Migneon Marais – Pritti who lets us recall Ruan and Zanelle´s unique wedding.

Casual yet elegant, down-to-earth yet glamurous, in close touch with nature yet full of loving details – their big day resembled a South African dream.

With the loving and committed help of their friends and families they crafted and painted, crocheted and sewed, gathered and picked flowers to let this unforgettable DIY wedding shine golden.

Even South Africas sun adjoined this glittering wedding theme and bathed the location into golden light when Ruan and Zanelle headed for their dreamy couple shooting with photographer Marais Migneon.

Brides looking for inspirations for their own outdoor wedding, DIY concepts or maybe a dress aside from mainstream should definately take a look at these impressive pictures shot by Migneon Marais – Pritti

Translation: Marina Jenewein



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