Heartwarming Couple´s Shoot


Snow covers the shore and little crystals of ice hold on to green branches. With an impressive size mountains soar into the sky wearing winter´s white clothes.

Hardly one ray of sunlight reaches the valley to warm up the jittering couple. Yet it seems like they didn´t need anything to heat, their hearts burn with love and glow with affection.

For some undisturbed moments of togetherness and crystal clear memories Melanie and Nebojsa met their photographer Andreas Schuller at lake Raibl See in Italy close to the Austrian border.

Dear looks, hot kisses and heartwarming touches let them forget about the freezing cold and cleared the way for one-of-a-kind pictures with the tremendous background of this mountain landscape to remember this special winter´s day…

Get wrapped up into your favorite blanked, get a cup of hot tea and enjoy this pictorial evidence by Andreas Schuller who proofs that every winter has its romantic side, too.

Text and Translation: Marina Jenewein




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