Laura and Christian – Sparkling Winter Wedding


Covered in her warm fur-jacket – as flawlessly white as her dress – the elegant bride and her groom step towards the altar. Lauras eyes sparkle brighter than snowflakes ever could. She awaited this day eagerly.

Freezing cold, ice and snow couldn´t do any harm to a dreamlike couple like Laura and Christian on the most beautiful day of their lives. Their lovingly looks for each other made every snowflake melt.

With the help of wedding planner Doreen Winking the two impressively show how amazing a winter wedding can be. The stylish yet authentic design of their stationery and decoration granted their wedding a very special and personal touch and turned it into an unforgettable event for everyone.

Photographer Barbara Gandenheimer caught the most emotional as well as the most exciting moments skillfully on camera and turned their impressive pictures into wonderful inspirations for winterbrides-to-be.

Translation: Marina Jenewein



FOTOGRAFIE: Barbara Gandenheimer
PAPETERIE: momentinig
FLORISTIK: Petra Müller



     Doreen Winking



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