Josi and Gus – Charming DIY Garden Wedding


When Josi moved to Australia after some years of long-distance-relationship with Gus – the love of her life – they decided to get married soon.

Down-to-earth and natural as they are they planned an easygoing garden party with their friends and families on a farm near Melbourne.

Both of them attached great importance to a stress-free day to enjoy it to the fullest. Photographer Manuela Clemens was the only involved professional to eternalize their most beautiful day on countless pictures.

Looking at her pictures it is hard to believe that everything we see accrued off Josis own bat and without the help of a wedding planner what so ever.

Garlands, favors, flowers, candles, boards, guestbook and many things more were self-made, bought, decorated, ornamented and arranged by Josi.

A very personal and open ceremony, traditional tossing the bridal bouquet and selected music from a tape turned Josis and Gus ́ wedding into an adorable summer party with friends.

For some couple-portraits photographer Manuela Clemes took them into a close-by wine yard where she captured romantic moments of togetherness among a spectacular sky and impressing cue state.

A couple of weeks later they met again for an after-wedding-shooting on the famous Bells Beach. Likely amazing light- and weather conditions created a magical atmosphere for stunning pictures.

Today Manuela Clemens pampers us with the results of her exciting journey to Australia and lets us sneak a peek into her various and impressive gallery of pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein






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