Jeremy And Allie – Beach Engagement


Amorous glances, familiar touches and soft kisses – totally in love like on day one Jeremy and Allie forget everything around them and enjoy undisturbed time of togetherness.

With their engagement they recently catapulted themselves into seventh heaven. Photographer Jacob of Brumley & Wells visited them and eternalized moments of dear bonds and hopeless love with his camera.

San Francisco´s coast was the perfect backdrop for his expressive pictures. A stiff breeze, foaming waves and craggy cliffs contrasted wonderfully with this relaxed couple and their solid devotion.

Now let the impressive pictures shot by Brumley & Wells take you onto an amazing journey to America´s fascinating west coast…

Translation: Marina Jenewein


PHOTOGRAPHY: Brumley & Wells Photography
STYLING: Amanda O’Shannesy
FILM LAB: Mammum Film Lab



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