Intimate Engagement Session in Barcelona


History-charged buildings, historic places, filled with old world charm – isn´t that the perfect framing for a intimate engagement session in Barcelona?!

One starts this special day with champagne, enjoying the freedom above this exciting city´s rooftops. Artfully curved iron rounds off the balcony scenery with the couple as leading actors.

Their way leads them through the dark paneled room onto the living streets and dreamy alleys. They dance to the beat of street musicians and make no secret of their love and affection for each other.

One should end a beautiful day like it began and so it fades at a street café while once again glasses of champagne clink. Completely gentleman he covers her with his jacket. This day is over but their lives had just begun…

The engagement of a beautiful couple among the impressive ambience of the Catalan capital city was recently the motto of a captivating Nastia Vesna Workshop.

Workshop attendant and photographer Zlatana Lecrivain of Aurea Avis Photography captured for us on camera, how the two conquered ever corner of the city: young, sexy and confident.

Translation: Marina Jenewein





PHOTOGRAPHY: Zlatana Lecrivain | Aurea Avis Photography
WORKSHOP: Nastia Vesna Workshop
CONCEPT + DECOR: Nastia Vesna und Maksim Gladki
DRESS: Lena Sokalenko
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Kseniya Tyrsikova
MODELS: Lera and Moritz
LOCATIONS: Casa Ramos & Barri Gòtic









      Aurea Avis



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