Idyllic Engagement Picnic


Mountaintops are fog-shrouded yet there´s sunny disposition beaming in the valley. Deep feelings, intimate closeness, dear kisses, shining eyes and true love are reason enough to rejoice.

Idyllic, natural and blithe a twosome celebrates their next big step. Bedded on a blanket in the grass and surrounded by insuperable mountains they commemorate their private engagement.

Romping about green meadows, exchanging smitten kisses behind a wood barn or toasting love with delicious fruits and hearty meat – there´s no better place to celebrate oneself for a nature-loving couple like this.

For a very authentic engagement shoot the German event stylist Simone Gebsattel created a gorgeous setting between endless fields and romantic farmhouses among this amazing mountain landscape.

Hair and makeup artist Angela Nunnink from California gave the bride-to-be a wonderfully natural style. Photographer Whitney Huynh of Tulle and Grace was part of the team, too, to capture this couple´s unforgettable moments on camera.

Here the talented photo artist shares her fantastic result with us by inviting us to marvel at her multifaceted picture gallery…

Translation: Marina Jenewein




PHOTOGRAPHER: Tulle and Grace
STYLING: Simone Gebsattel
MAKE-UP + HAIR: Angela Nunnink


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