Hilde and Eskil – Norwegian Love


Before Hilde and Eskil could get married fate had a special surprise for them.

Only a couple of days after Eskils proposal to Hilde they found out that she was pregnant with twins. So they decided to stop their wedding preparations immediately and to concentrate fully on this unexpected but lovely challenge.

Finally, around two years later, they stepped in front of the altar of a typical Scandinavian white wooden church surrounded by their friends and families and escorted by the Austrian photographers Luca and Xenia of Hilo and Ginger.

Afterwards they spent three hours on the portrait-shooting in the historic center, the woods and on the beach where Hilo and Ginger shot amazing pictures of the happy newlyweds. Of course this shooting couldn´t be done without their cute little twin-girls! So they joined their parents and made them perfectly happy.

Obviously Luca and Xenia of Hilo and Ginger Photography managed to capture the charm of the pretty old alleys, the mystical atmosphere of the forest and the loosened moments of togetherness on the deserted beach effortlessly.

They used an analog as well as a digital camera and eternalized the incomparable Scandinavian spirit and the most beautiful moments of Hilde and Eskil on wonderful pictures.

Translation: Marina Jenewein





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