Hanna & Hendrik – Hippie Meets Fancy-Schmancy


Sparkling chandeliers were hanging from the rustic gable roof, dignifying the light-flooded barn. Closely entangled a bridal couple floated across the dance floor, like a warm summer rain chains of light shined down on them.

Crystal bowls and glasses filled with delicious sweets, lovingly draped on old wine boxes and skilfully arranged on jute, wood and lace became a decorative eye-catcher.

A floral wreath interwoven into curly open hair, happy and free met tuxedo, cummerbund and bow-tie.

As wonderfully contrasting as Hanna and Hendrik are as couple as amazingly refreshing was their wedding.

Opposites attract we say and so they celebrated a jamboree with lots of nature, a whiff of vintage, a touch of romance, a tang of classicism, countless DIY elements and the carefree feeling of hippies.

Being a decorator and wedding designer herself Hanna helps couples to organize their special days with her company „Den Kopf in den Wolken“.

Now it was her wedding that she set her hand to. The result was nothing to sneeze at: adorable details as far as the eye can see, a multi-themed yet harmonious concept implemented perfectly and happy faces all over the place.

Including a stunningly beautiful bridal couple and gorgeous hippie-bridesmaids!

Here the fascinating picture artist Ulrike from Blickedicht Photographie assembled the most sincere, most exciting and most emotional moments for us. Lay back and enjoy the impressive pictures shot by Blickedicht Photographie.

Translation: Marina Jenewein




FOTOGRAFIE: Blickedicht Photographie
LOCATION + CATERING: Maisenburg Hayingen
DEKORATION: UND KONZEPT: Den Kopf in den Wolken
HAARE + MAKE-UP: Andreia Marques
BLUMEN: Strauchdiebin
SWEET TABLE UND HOCHZEITSTORTE: Süß und Salzig Torten- & Patisserieservice




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