Their hands tightly embraced, their legs softly washed around by the ocean. Deep looks striking their hearts, intimate affection bonds their souls. The wind blows and they let go, enjoying cold water and this moment´s freedom.

The ocean rushes in their ears, taking sorrows from their shoulders. Taking them along into its deeps, leaving fortune and confidence behind. Together the two tread the path of love, seamed by emotions and trust.

Gloria´s and Edgar´s deep bond is written in their faces. A delicate touch, smitten kisses, seeking closeness of each other – like newly enamored they can´t stop smiling and cuddling.

Totally natural and without any trappings photographer Fabijan Vuksic concentrated on the bare essentials of this shooting: big emotions between two people who decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

Romantic lights and the secrecy of the ocean created a magical atmosphere and set the perfect for this gorgeous setting.

Take the chance to escape fall for a moment and let this lovely couple and their great photographer take us into a summer paradise…

Translation: Marina Jenewein





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