Ethereal Anniversary


Where else would you enjoy tranquility more than among copious landscapes? A special kind of togetherness which this couple savors their anniversary at the Gail, a river in Southern Carinthia.

They take a walk along the riverside flanked by green forests, which became the perfect backdrop for true love. It seems they spent a “golden hour” captured amazingly on camera by photographer Rebecca Kuglitsch.

Hand in hand they head towards future, with the evening sun in their back throwing shadows to their feet. Every step turns into an unforgettable moment among pure nature far away from stressful wedding preparations.

This is where they find a moment of silence and love. Where the rushing river and swaying tree tops are whispering sweet nothings. Yes, mother earth saw many lovers come and go.

The bride´s look seems as natural and stripped-down as her surroundings. Just the tender touch of sweetness brings some romantic grace to this barren shoreline.

Translation: Marina Jenewein


© Rebecca Kuglitsch


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