Emilie and Hannes – Fated Love


Meeting in a country where none of them comes from, keeping a long distance relationship alive for years, getting a bridal gown custom made by a famous designer from Los Angeles and collaborating only with good-hearted people on their way to the altar – Emilie from Paris and Hannes from Dorfgastein seem to live their lives on the bright side.

When Hannes knew he found the love of his life in Emilie and can´t imagine it without her anymore he took her to London – the city where it all began eight years ago – to propose to her on one knee. Earlier this summer, one year and countless creative sessions later the two tied the knot attended by their friends and families from all over the world.

Within a moving personal ceremony under a huge shade-giving tree and surrounded by their families and closest friends Emilie and Hannes said „Yes” to each other. Emotional speeches, loving vows and moving songs did not leave a single dry eye behind.

The creative bridal couple created a seventh-heaven-atmosphere with lovingly DIY-items and with the help of Sabine Schwinger-Rapp from dekoraum and Christina Krug from Schnabulerie. Their decorations and sweet delicacies in soft shades of blue combined with white as well as burlap and lace turned into an adorable symbiosis of colors and shapes that harmonized almost as perfectly as the happy couple itself.

Throughout the night the party ate and nibbled, laughed and played, danced and photographed. Especially the great photographers Tanja und Josef ensured with all their physical strength that every single moment was caught on camera and every one-of-a-kind motif was shot. They did a wonderful job, don´t you think so, too?

Translation: Marina Jenewein




FOTOGRAFIE: Tanja und Josef
LOCATION FEIER: Pöckhacker’s Krone, Gaaden bei Mödling
BRAUTKLEID: Rose and Delilah, Los Angeles
HAARE UND MAKE-UP: Julia Mikulitsch
DKORATION: dekoraum und Lisi Pöckhacker
TORTE: Schnabulerie
FLORISTIK: Blumenstube Christine Katzenberger
PRIESTER: Mark Townsend




         dekoraum                            Schnabulerie                          Tanja und Josef




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