Elena & Bastian – LOVE IS IN THE AIR


Carefully lips come closer uniting in a loving kiss. Faithfully her head lays on his shoulder sinking into a heartfelt hug. Firmly his hand clasps her neck pulling her towards him to whisper oaths of love into her ear…

These are the special moments the sun gives her golden glance to. In between she hides behind hills of gravel to allow Elena and Bastian some time of togetherness. This place´s mood is magical, with or without her.

As if time stood still and the world was all theirs the amorous couple gives vent to their feelings, forgetting everything around them. Maybe even the photographers Mila and Stephan of  Vivid Symphony who captured these meaningful moments for Elena and Bastian on camera.

With their breathtaking gallery of pictures, the great artists of  Vivid Symphony show us what happens, when fantastic lights, a beautiful couple, an electric guitar and a whiff of BoHo style meet…

Translation: Marina Jenewein





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