In the outback of Zanzibar between meters high coco palms and old drift wood must be the home of love.

The forest floor is crossed by sand and shows tracks of two lovers heading towards the beach. Oh how beautiful it is when swooshing waves become a swaying melody of romance. Captured alluringly on camera by the photographers  Melli & Shayne.

And so our hearts skip a beat when we watch Dominique and Gavin walking along the beach of Zanzibar. Full of anticipation for their upcoming wedding at all times in their hearts.

At the beach the mostly black dressed couple becomes an exciting contrast to the soft white sand and the turquoise sea. Raising themselves into higher spheres to get closer to seventh heaven.

Joint by unruly anticipation for what lies ahead the bridal couple sets out for their future in a impetuous way: piggyback and romping exhaustively across the beach to find relaxation in a hammock in the shade.

Passion must be boundless under Africa´s sun. This is how to enjoy the silence before the storm. Dwelling on thoughts to face up full of new energy to the big wedding day. Anticipation still is the greatest pleasure…












      Melli & Shayne



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