Christine and Davide – Wedding Dream at Sicily


The panorama of Sicily seems endless; you can almost taste little salt crystals on your lips. Alleys are full of Mediterranean flair where balconies are tightly packed on the facades. We hear the unmistakable sound of an accordion; it gets through to every corner of the city.

In one of those alleys two smitten hearts beat exceptionally fast while getting ready to tie the knot. Their chosen cathedral seems venerable, artful and imposing. This is where two hearts become one.

Craggy yet covered with soft moss, windy but warm, dry while by the water – Sicily´s coast as symbol of their love. Everyone for himself yet never without each other, together they can do everything.

Christine and Davide turned their dream wedding into a multi-day event on Italy’s island Sicily.

Not only their ceremony, even the reception for families and friends, the delicious yet unusual dinner with fresh fish as well as the entire design and decoration seemed perfectly planned and right down to the last detail organized.

The photographers Julia & Gil from Leipzig attended the bridal couple from Hamburg on their journey to love and captured its most beautiful stops on their cameras.

Especially their after wedding shooting at the expressive coast of Sicily fascinated us the most… see here part 2!

Translation: Marina Jenewein


Fotos: Julia & Gil Photography




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These pictures are stunning!! Can you tell me where in sicily this venue is please? It’s beautiful!!


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